Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ramadan Weather Saudi Arabia

Ramadan News for Saudi Arabia
Weather heat rise up to 65 degrees

This is what we called the CLIMATE CHANGED a GLOBAL WARMING causing by MAN MADE defecting our UNIVERSE in unnatural practiced. Factories and PLANTATIONS all over the EARTH composing harmful gas like carbon monoxide and other harmful elements and gases. 

June Weather update base on 

The temperature could well reach and pass 65 degrees, on asphalt road surfaces, or hot sidewalks. But the warning from a Saudi meteorologist of a possible 65-degree temperature (not in the shade)

July Weather update base on

The Saudi Gazette quotes climatologist Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Ghamdi saying that in some parts of Saudi Arabia, while under the direct sunlight may reach around 65 degrees in Ramadan, temperatures in the shade would reach 50 degrees.

An air temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, would be incompatible with survival, at least of people, though a specific fatal temperature is hard to nail down.